The environment needs to be protected.

December 16, 2007

 A conservative wrote that? Egad!!

Yes, I am a big environmentalist.   I don’t subscribe to the idea that global warming is directly caused by fossil fuels, but I do think they contribute.  I think the sooner we find a petroleum substitute, the better, and I think businesses should be more environmentally responsible.  That being said, I don’t believe the federal government should impose fines on companies that burn fossil fuels, unless it is in an extremely irresponsible way.  I honestly think the only feasible way to save/salvage/protect (depending on your view of how dire the situation is) our environment is to be personally, voluntarily responsible.  Each person can do that, and we need to demand as consumers (not lobbyist to the government) that the CEO’s and corporate heads take greater steps in having less of a negative impact on the environment.

Far too often, when  we see something that needs to stop or start happening, we petition the government.  This is a fine idea in some cases, but often we should appeal directly to the parties who’s actions we seek to change. Instead of demanding that the government impose fines on companies (or communities)  that negatively impact our world, we should appeal directly to those powers that be through the different methods of communications that are available to us.

As for the environment, it saddens me to see multiple acres of woods cleared to build new houses and apartments for a booming population.  With the world operating at far above it’s carrying capacity, a rising standard of living across the globe is going to sap the earth of it’s natural resources extremely quickly.  The rate of population in the US is declining,  but in Africa and India, the birth rates are increasing.  Unless the governments of those respective continents do something to suppress this, our environment is going to collapse under the burden of a rapidly growing population fueled by apathy and an ignorance of the consequences of our actions.

This is my plea to the world: Please don’t make this prophetical.


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  1. S.O.SNG said

    put your essay on voting on here!

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