Dear Everyone,

February 22, 2008

Voting is a civic duty. That is, as a part of our social contract in a representative government, we are obligated to cast our votes in elections and referendums, driving forward our political machine in the direction that we as Americans feel is best expressive of our constitution, our principles, and our purpose in the world today. Voting is, in many countries, a privilege. In the United States, it is an unalienable right.
Along with such a right comes a responsibility to our country and to each other to make informed decisions based on solid, verified information and applied logic. To do this is to empower ourselves, not only politically, but in our daily lives as we strive to make decisions that will be beneficial to us and the people around us.
A society that is governed based on the will of the people cannot sustain itself without an educated populace. When a population begins to make its decisions based on the unsubstantiated opinions of others and ideals that are untrue to the founder’s visions for that country, its begins to deviate from it’s proven effective course, and it becomes a nation untrue to itself. As the newest generation of voters, we have the opportunity to forge this nation into a greater civilization than when first inherited it. The guiding light of American society is a devotion to equal representation, a desire to constantly improve ourselves, and the understanding that through education and hard work, prosperity is out of noones reach. Will there always be a lower and upper class? Yes. Will there always be political corruption? Yes. The sicknesses of government are inherent to human nature, and as long as America is led by humans, they are, unfortunately, here to stay. They do not, however, exist unchecked. So long as there is a desire to learn and those who are strong and courageous enough apply that knowledge to the decisions they make, we will, as a nation, remain strong.
In the coming election, I urge each and every one of us who would go to polls to research our candidates – Democrats, republicans and independents alike. It is essential to the health of a nation that the populace not to bind themselves to any one political party soley for the purpose of the advancement of that party. Our ideals and values must exist independent of any title or banner other than their own. Understand your candidate, and understand your candidates opponents. We must research and understand the purpose of government, so that our decisions will be a positive force in keeping our nation on track. Make your vote count, make your voice heard, and help build a greater country. For ourselves, for our parents, and for our children, we must ensure that our votes are not cast blindly, lest we lose credibility as the true leaders of this land.